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Go from lifeless & limp to plump & bumped!

  • Before and After of the use of Stunning™ Volume Styler
  • Before and After of the use of Stunning™ Volume Styler
Jogging, Hiking, Yoga, Working Out, Outdoor Activities and Around the House with Stunning™ Volume Styler

*Results may vary based on hair type

Introducing Stunning™ Volume Styler

The faster, easier, and healthier way to bigger, fuller hair! Simply slide in the Botanical Beauty Bar and then brush or backcomb through your hair to get the salon quality lift and volume you love!

The secret is our specially formulated botanical beauty bar, made with a natural blend of coconut oil and camellia extract that nourishes and restores your hair to lock in natural moisture and add long lasting volume. It even eliminates frizz and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth!

Get ultimate volume in seconds! Stunning™ Volume Styler leaves hair looking bigger, shinier, and healthier! The formula is not sticky and works with virtually all hair types and lengths. It even works with color treated hair.

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Woman using Stunning™ Volume Styler to brush her hair
Natural Botanical Beauty Bar Infused with: Lavender Extracts, Amino Acids, Select Botanicals


Woman having her hair sprayed and pulled.


Woman with broken hair ends.


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